Race Director: Nicolas Bitcha

Deputy Director: Lucie Hasaan


President of the College of Commissioners: Jordi Martinez Boadas

Commissioner 1: Daniel Marcoux

Commissioner 2: Sven Calus

Judge on arrival: Richard Combaz

Motorcycle Commissioner 1: Cédric Fontenau

Motorcycle Commissioner 2: Didier Rousset

Fleet Official vehicles: PEUGEOT DE LUCA

Neutral Troubleshooting: VITTA

Radios: VIITA – Françic Hottelet (

Radio Tour: Claude Deschaseaux

Motorcycles Info: VITTA – François Millot

Regulator: VITTA-Alain Colombani

Security Echelon Race: Republican Guard and gendarmerie 84

Doctor: Alain TOUAIBIA

Ambulances: the white cross

Permanent Manager: Valérie CHARPIGNY & Christine MENETRIEUX

Head of village departure: BLACKWOL

Arrival line manager: BLACKWOL

Arrival truck/arch: PORTIX

VIP village Manager arrival: strucutre VIP: CARMAEL, VIP relations: Stéphane Garcia

Responsible for chaperones & doping control: Vincent Decocq

Press Relations and operations: YP Media

Protocol Manager: Stéphane GARCIA

Timing/Photo Finish/rankings: STS

Giant Screen 17m ²: BLACKOWL

Deflage/Deflechage/ecozones: Franck Solerieu

Official animator: Daniel MANGEAS & Vincent DIDELOT

Official photographer: Agence ZOOM, James START

TV coordination: ASO

TV production means: AMP VISUAL

Diffuser France: the chain L'Equipe